We have a large variety of gowns to choose from. These work perfectly for maternity gowns but will work for women of all sizes both maternity and non.

Women's Gowns

We have a number of girls outfits, skirts and accessories but our focus is on providing Maternity and Newborn items for your use during your session. Please plan to dress the men and boys in your life and choose flattering tops for your girls if you would like to use our skirt collection.

Girls and Boys

As a studio that specializes in Newborn and Maternity we have a large number of props, outfits, wraps, bonnets, tiebacks(headbands) and accessories to use during your session. Simply let us know the colors or themes you would like to use and we will have the best items ready for you when you arrive.

Newborns and Babies

The CLient CLoset:


Some of our options. All are free to use with the purchase of a session: glamour, motherhood, princess and maternity of course!

Gown Closet

The Jude: S-XXL

The Amber: M-XL

The RED Dress Collection

Leah: M-XXL

The Celeste: S/XS

Audrey: XS-M

Lindsay: fits m-xxl

The Pink Dress Collection

The Dianna: S-M

The Vivienne: S-XL

The Michelle: fits S-XL

The Pearl: S-XL

The Coral: S-M

The Adelle: S-M

The Fawna: fits S-M

The Cher: S-M

The Juliette: S-M

The Addison: S-L

The Fiona: fits S-L

The River: S-L

The Evette: S-XXL

The Hannah: fits S, M. L, XL, XXL

Rainbow Collection: S, M, L, XL, XXL

The Jennifer: M

The Christina: S, M, L

forget the jacket

no bright or neon colors

avoid bold patterns

when in doubt, go neutral

accent with accessories

think about the season

do's and don'ts for picking your outfits