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Now that your session date is confirmed (YAY!),  you should start planning for it right now! This means you decide on a desired color scheme and plan coordinated outfits. When your outfits match, your photos will feel more cohesive.

step 01: start planning

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Session day can be stressful and exciting, but I promise there is nothing to be nervous about! All I ask is that you come prepared, stay open-minded, and trust that I will take care of the rest!

step 02: Session day

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Photos weren't meant to be stored on your device. They should be admired in your home and bring warmth into your life. When ordering an album your one-of-a-kind album will be perfectly crafted to showcase your photos and protect your memories.

step 04: Order album

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the process


Start planning your order --->

Come fed and well rested

Plan extra time for travel


bring any water, toys, snacks, Pacifier, etc. for kids

confirm your session's payment

plan coordinated outfits for everyone

check clothes for wrinkles and lint

select your clothing color palette

prepare for your session by fulfilling each of these items:

session checklist


trust me as your expert photographer

relax, have fun, and just be you

You've made it to session day! As you approach your session, keep in mind these 2 things:



Bring those furry family members with for extra special portraits.
Remember to bring a kennel/carrier for those loves while they are not being photographed.

06. Can we bring our pet?

Regular sessions are designed to capture a range of imagery. We will use different outdoor locations which will add to the variety. We do various poses standing, sitting and walking as well as more candid images of you interacting as a family.

05. How many poses will we get to do?

I like creating a variety of imagery for you to choose from. Depending on the Session you will see between 25-80 options to choose from. Special event sessions, which range from 15 minutes to 1 hour long, will see approximately 1 image/minute.

04. How many images will we see?

Yes!  You will have the option to order from a full range of products for your home as well as USBs, digital images and print release. 

03. Can we buy products after our session?

When selecting a location it is important to consider the lighting on the background and choose an appropriate time of day. Usually we want to be able to have the sun to our backs. 

02. How do we choose a location?

Our Session fees cover both the studio in Princeton or our acreage out in the country in Foreston. If you would like to use a special other location please book the custom option.

01. WHat are our location options?

Have a question? I've got an answer! And if you don't see your question here, please reach out via email:



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