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Newborn, Maternity &Family Photography
 Princeton Portrait Studio

Nicole Hollenkamp is known for capturing genuine fine art Newborn & Maternity photography out of her studio located in Princeton, Minnesota.
Princeton, MN Newborn Photographer | Minnesota Newborn Photographer | Princeton, MN Maternity Photographer |
This maternity, newborn, and family photography studio is located about an hour north of Minneapolis. |
Serving clients from the Northern Twin Cities areas, including (but not limited to) Anoka, MN | Becker, MN | Big Lake, MN | Clearwater, MN | Elk River, MN | Foley, MN | Isle, MN | Maple Grove, MN | Milaca, MN | Monticello, MN | Otsego, MN | Rice, MN | Rogers, MN | Sartell, MN | Sauk Rapids, MN | St Cloud, MN | Waite Park, MN | Zimmerman, MN |

session details, tips, and answers

Preparing for your Newborn Session

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Now that your session date is confirmed (YAY!),  you should start planning for it right now! This means you decide on a desired theme or color scheme and plan coordinated outfits. When your outfits match, your photos will feel more cohesive.

step 01: start planning

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Session day can be stressful and exciting, but I promise there is nothing to be nervous about! All I ask is that you come prepared, stay open-minded, and trust that I will take care of the rest!

step 02: Session day

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Photos weren't meant to be stored on your device. They should be admired in your home and bring warmth into your life. Do not wait, order any of our delightful products and your one-of-a-kind art will be perfectly crafted to showcase your photos and protect your memories.

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the process


Start planning your order --->

Come fed and well rested

Plan extra time for travel


bring any water, toys, snacks, Pacifier, etc.

confirm your session's payment

plan coordinated outfits for everyone

check clothes for wrinkles and lint

select your clothing color palette

prepare for your session by fulfilling each of these items:

session checklist


Give baby awake time before you leave

Read the tips below for a sleepy baby

Plan time for travel arrive early

Bring a pacifier to soothe baby

relax, have fun, and just be you

You've made it to session day! As you approach your session, keep in mind these few things.



Newborn FAQ

Does it seem like your baby sleeps all the time? Most of my clients over the last 10 years have answered yes to this question. 
If you want sleepy, posed portraits please keep in mind that this portrait session can be quite stimulating for normally sleepy babies. Posing baby, new sights, new sounds, new smells each can easily keep a typically sleepy baby awake.  
Awake babies are cute, however they are extremely difficult to pose.  If you would like to ensure that baby is sleepy during this time it is a good idea to give baby at least an hour of awake time before you leave for your session.
I recommend bathing and feeding baby before you get in the car. Plan an extra 15 minutes for travel delays. 
Let baby fall into a deep sleep on the way over.

Bring baby in in the car seat without waking them. I will take them out sleeping which will enable us to begin taking portraits as soon as you arrive. 

The studio is fully stocked with adorable props, outfits, bonnets, headbands, lovies and more so you do not HAVE to bring anything.
SENTIMENTAL ITEMS - please discuss any items you wish to bring with your photographer before your session day as I like to try to set up props and bean bags before you arrive.
OUTFITS - Dress them loosely and use my collection or bring baby in an adorable well fitted outfit. 
PACIFIER** - Pacifiers can help soothe baby when posing and helps us accomplish more. If baby doesn't seem to like them or if you prefer not to use one at home you never have to use it again after your session.
SUPPLIES - Pacifier**, diapers, wipes, comb, brush for baby
SNACKS - Especially for mom and toddlers! Newborn sessions can last up to 2 hours and snacks go a long way to help an unhappy toddler cooperate. Eat before you come as well!
HELPER - Do you want photos with both parents and no siblings? Bringing a family helper can help take away some of the stress as they can take care of the older siblings as well as help get them looking and laughing for their photos.

It is generally easier to photograph babies in the first 2 weeks to get the most sleepy, curly, posed shots. 

There is not a point at which you can no longer document your darling little ones.

If you consider yourself late to the game and are just getting your ducks in a row and baby happens to be 3+ weeks old already, (where did the time go, am I right?), still set up that session. Let's capture some gorgeous images for you and your family to cherish.

Document those moments, before they too are gone in a flash. 

Grandparents, Pets and Siblings are welcome and are no extra charge. 
Imagine, generational portraits, baby in grandma's hands.

When bringing siblings and pets I do recommend bringing a helper with for each of them that they love, They can look after them when they are not in to photos and help get them to look when they are.

A really good helper can make your toddler feel right at home and get them smiling really big directly at the camera for extra special portraits.

If you are lucky enough to have had more than 1 baby at the same time I would love to help you document all of their stages.
Things to know about scheduling a Multiples session. These babies are usually born before full term and will sometimes require an ICU stay. Because of this, they will likely not be brand new during their stylized newborn session.

It is best to schedule their newborn session for on their due date. Babies are usually home from hospital by this time and ready to photograph. They are also typically still pretty small and able to use the props just fine at this age as well.

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